is defined by Webster's as someone who is showing the way.


Although we continually strive to be the best in everything we do, we believe the best performance is obtained when one feels they are in a position requiring them to prove themselves.

It is all too easy, when you become the best, to forget that it was part of having to prove yourself that brought you success to begin with. When you are number one it becomes too easy to form a bigger-than-life opinion of yourself and your abilities.

With this said, we will always consider every project to be a test, requiring us to prove ourselves and our abilities. This keeps us focused on each and every detail, no matter how large or how small.


Eddie Dean


President, Dean Brothers Inc.

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"865 East was a very substantial, fast pace project. We constructed 160,000 square feet in seven stories in fourteen months. All members of Dean Brothers electrical team, including management, supervisors, and field electrcians were truly a part of the success.

    They worked diligently on a daily basis to meet schedules and responded rapidly to changes by the project owners and architects. They provided the project with first class electrical work installed in a neat and professional manner. We are pleased we selected Dean Brothers Inc. and would highly recommend them to anyone."

                                                    Kenneth Patterson