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Our industrial division, supporting a complete line of modern electrcial tools and equipment and backed by experianced and knowledgeable personnel,stands ready to accept the challenge of any industrial need. From basic installation to preventative maintenance, and from electrical equipment fabrication to power system design and engineering, our crews have the experiance and proven track record to bring the project in under budget and on time.


Our company has the experiance of having successfully performed numerous large plant projects, such as retooling, line replacement, upgrades, and plant consolidation. Some of these have been done during and in between normal production schedules while others have been planned and completed during shut down windows with critical completion dates adhered to.

Automation and Controls

We offer our customers a wide variety of system controls and automation services, as well as custom panel building. We provide turn key solutions to any industrial or commercial automation need, no matter how large or how small.


Through our in house resources as well as partnering arrangements, we offer solutions in Motion Control, Electrical Engineering Design, Control Design, Installation and Support, Factory Floor Data Acquisition Systems, Software Development, System Reporting, Performance Evaluation, Consultation Services, and Maintenance Training.

Evidence of the success and diversity of our commercial division is all around the area. Many of the hotels, restaurants, schools, churches, medical facilities and retail projects you drive by frequent on a daily basis were brought to life by the personnel of our company. We offer installation of pre-designed systems as well as in house design/build utilizing the most modern computer automated systems on the market today.

Since the inceptionof our residential division in the late 80's, we have become the undisputed leader in high density residential projects in the area. many apartment complexes, town house subdivisions and hundreds of time share units now in our history has allowed us to streamline the installation process, become quick and efficient, and deliver a finished product that is high quality and on time.


With the installation of quality components and a work force that continually sets the pace on the projects, our company has been awarded some of the largest projects around.